Biblical Hebrew For Regular People | Introduction

Two Birds One Stone is a series of lessons intended for regular people of all ages to learn to read, understand, translate and interpret Ancient Biblical Hebrew. Lessons are provided in workbooks, children’s books, and videos, as well as online and mobile apps. Each lesson gives learners a great deal of knowledge, yet it is easily digestible and takes only a short time to complete.

All Two Birds One Stone material translate and interpret scripture in its purest form. It attempts to remove the biases of religion, ideology, popular beliefs, traditions, or ideas and the intentions of early bible scholars and translators. The goal is to allow Hebrew manuscript readers to see the world through the eyes of those who originally wrote them, the ancient Hebrews, rather than through the eyes of later translators. 

The ancients who first recorded the Hebrew scriptures were extremely observant and intelligent people. Their knowledge and wisdom is well-recorded to be shared with the world, untainted by modern myths and ideologies… And that’s all these lessons are intended to do😊

They are called Two Birds One Stone because every lesson allows learners to learn Hebrew and scripture at the same time – these are the two birds. The One Stone is the Word.

Our two birds have names… Our ladybird is Obarite, meaning the Hebrew language…

And this little guy  is Emat, meaning truth. Hopefully, you or your children will get acquainted with these two in this and future lessons! We’ll keep a lookout. 👀

I Hope You Enjoy Your Learning Experience!

With Love,

Deshina Buck

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