May 25, 2024

Ancient Biblical Hebrew is unlike modern languages. Mainly, its foundation is in photographic or hieroglyphic languages of ancient cultures such as Egyptian and other Canaanite and Semitic languages.

By understanding the pictographs, we can get a more complete picture of the letters and words which are based on them. The idea is that Old Testament manuscripts out-date modern script and interpretation. This implies that we must go back in time to know what was intended by the original authors and storytellers who did not share the views, experience, ideologies, and culture of its more modern interpreters and translators.

Essentially, by learning Ancient Hebrew we are able to restore the authenticity of scriptures ancient knowledge and the rich history of its authors.

Start Learning

The best way to learn biblical Hebrew is to study the ancient script associated with the modern Alephbet (alphabet) and their meanings. You must also study the language while you are still learning the letters. So…

  1. Download the chart below to use as a reference throughout the course.
  2. Read over it to familiarize yourself with the information.
  3. Move on to Introduction of my Two Birds One Stone lesson book, “Biblical Hebrew For Regular People – Learn Hebrew & The Laws of Creation.”

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