July 22, 2024

Exodus 13 tells the story of Abraham and Lot, who had journeyed together coming out of Haran after Yahuah directed Abraham to leave his relatives and travel to Canaan. This land would later be inherited by his many descendants hundreds of years later.

In this story, Abraham and Lot parted ways after each man had acquired traveling cities that the place they were in could not contain. When discourse broke out between their shepherds, Abraham decided it was time to part ways. He allowed Lot first choice of the land, and Lot chose what appeared to be the best land, while Abraham accepted the option that remained.

Just after this decision is made, Yahuah waits for Abraham to be apart from Lot and the Bible says this:

(Verse 14) “And Yahuah said to Abram after that Lot departed from with him pushing, ‘Please your eyes and see her. From this place which her mark there North and South and east (toward the ancient/prior place) and west (toward the water). (Verse 15) Because the mark of all this earth which her mark is seen to you, I shall give her and to your seed until forever.'”

See Lot made the decision to leave Abraham right where he belonged even when he thought he was making the decision that was best for himself. His selfishness was the source of a course of action that Yahuah had already determined.

And Abraham made the choice to let Yahuah be God, leaving things to fate and faith instead of quarelling or being in anguish over decisions he understood had already been made for Him by the Most High.

The revelation, When Yahuah calls you out, the journey and where you are at any given moment may not look immediately desirable but where you are is right where you need to be. No need to stress about the choices to be made because one way or another, Yahuah’s decisions will always prevail.

Lots choose what looks most beneficial and easiest for themselves and it leads to destruction.

Abrahams don’t choose at all. Instead, they allow Yahuah to be God understanding and trusting that HE will dictate the terms and times of HIS assignments and requires no help determining our path. This journey is long and doesn’t always look promising, but a slow assent is always better than a quick decline into destruction.

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