July 22, 2024

Final Thoughts:

There are a million and one interpretations of Revelations. The movies show us all these magnificent images of people getting beamed up to the sky when all ‘believers’ are ‘redeemed’ before that final catastrophic moment.  They show the ‘elect’ having their heads chopped off in that final moment and we buy it.

We have come to believe that the interpretation given in Hollywood movies is the Truth of God’s word.  The truth about these movies is that they are for entertainment purposes and fear mongering. If you want the truth, you are going to have to read the Word for yourself.

If you are ever going to understand the Truth of John’s detailed prophecy regarding the ‘last days’, you absolutely must understand chapter one of Revelations. Without it, interpretations are nothing more than a lot of guesswork and conjecture.

Chapter 1 of the Book of Revelations lays the foundation for understanding John’s prophecy. It provides the framework upon which the rest of the Book is based. Contrary to popular belief, Chapter one is as prophetic as the rest of the book.

Learning this chapter of Revelations will open your eyes to what the rest of the prophecy is really saying and you will no longer have to rely on others for its interpretation!

~Rev. D

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