Day 24: Review of א Verbs

  1. Press fast-forward on the Letters and Sounds Flashcard Game. Today the goal is to answer all the questions as quickly as possible. It should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes to answer all 48 questions.
  2. We are certainly in a hurry today! We will go full speed ahead through the Letter Meanings Flashcard Game as well! This one should take less than 15 minutes.
  3. You can slow down now. Take your time and do the א verb review flashcards. Try to recall the meaning of the word on the screen, before moving on to the next slide that will have the definition, explanation, and an example of the word used in scripture. Thoroughly read all of the information related to each word.
  4. MANDATORY: Hebrew verbs can be used in multiple ways because, in Hebrew, words are based purely on concrete function rather than abstract ideas.
    The following phrases would all be considered an appropriate use of the Hebrew word “אכל”. What English words could replace “אכל”  or “אבד” in each of the following examples? **Don’t use the same English word more than once.** You may refer back to the flash cards for help.

(A) The boy did “אכל” fruit.

(B) The fire did “אכל” the fruit.

(C) Sin did “אכל” the people.

(D) The girl was  “אבד”.

(E) The people do “אבד” for a lack of knowledge.

(F) The land of Egypt was left “אבד”.

Respond to task #4 in a comment below. put the letter and the answer side by side for each as follows.

(A) your answer

(B) your answer

(C) your answer

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