April 18, 2024

Deuteronomy Series: Everything Isn’t Yours!

It’s a hard but true fact… Not everything that we set out sights on is ordained for us. Some prosperity preachers would try to convince us otherwise, but Deuteronomy 3 teaches us that everyone has their purpose and those things that are exclusive there’s and you will never have that thing no matter how much to try flattering God with your […]

Deuteronomy Series: Observing Those That Came Before Us

I have learned that, most often, we tend to try to learn things the hard way rather than observing those who have already been there to garner the faith we need to elevate. Chapter 2 of Deuteronomy reminds us that we are not the first and certainly not the only and if we would just […]

Deuteronomy Series: Why Battles Are Lost

We look for answers to questions such as this, “Why Battles Are Lost?” but perhaps we haven’t been looking in the right places. .. Deuteronomy reveals this and much more. Stick with us as we study Israel’s life manual and all of the prophecies regarding it!

Bible Myth Buster 1: Christ is the end of the law?

Looking back, I guess there were always many things about my Christian upbringing that did not sit well with me. There were somethings that I knew, without a shadow of doubt, to be true.  For example, I was certain there was a God and a Messiah and that they were somehow in control of my […]

Five Words Jesus Said We Must Say Before We Will See Him Again

Matthew 23 reveals five Aramaic words that will cause us to see the face of Yah again. These five words are powerful and more of something we must do than say. One the surface we must say certain English words which infers that Israel must begin to accept the words and God-given responsibility of its […]

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