October 3, 2023

Start Learning The Bible

Lay the foundation for your learning experience. Identify resources, learn commonly used terms, background information, etc.

Bible 101: Foundations of Bible Study

This course focuses on foundational principles to understanding scripture such as the concept of three-dimensional interpretations of scripture and reverse engineering from the English translation to the original Hebrew or Greek meaning. It also examines the authors, audiences, and purpose of scripture including Old Testament historical and prophetic scripture as well as New Testament Gospels …

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Truth 101: Foundation of Understanding

This course exposes common misconceptions and misunderstandings about spirituality, the bible, and Yeshua. It discusses commonly misunderstood terms, ideas, and principles regarding the bible and spirituality. It also introduces students to technical tools and explores the use of different versions of the bible and non-canonized texts to enhance bible study effectiveness. This course is a …

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