June 2, 2023

Black History

This is a section reserved for videos, lessons, photo galleries, and other material that places the spot light on our American history!

For information about our Israelite History, please visit our Black Hebrew Identity page and READ YOUR BIBLE!

Longing For Ancestral Connections

While searching the Library of Congress’ archives for documents that might connect “Negroes” to other Eastern people, I ran across several audios of former slaves, some of which I’d heard before. But it was the infinite number of images that made me feel like I’d missed out… I thought of how, even, some black families …

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Identity Crisis: Who are Black People?

I heard a Hebrew brother say the indigenous people of America were black Hebrews. As I had many times, I began to search the internet for historical evidence of a connection between the indigenous people and the Hebrews of the bible. As I searched for facts, I was taken back by the myths regarding the …

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? Wherever I am, bad things happen. No matter what I have, I am looked down upon. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to be free. I have the highest rate of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and heart disease. I have the highest rate of death from prostate, breast, and …

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