May 25, 2024

An Adulterous Nation

Adultery is talked about in peculiar ways throughout scripture. Most notably we read about adulterous people and nations which never have anything to do with cheating spouses. The simple conclusion we draw about these phrases is that it’s used to refer to people who cheat on Yahuah God, with other gods. In this 2 part […]

Bible Myth Buster 2: Salvation is confessing you believe?

Since Paul’s words are usually those used to misconstrue the truth, we will continue in Chapter 10 of Romans as we bust the myth that Salvation is simply confessing with our mouth that we believe. Often, Romans 10:9 is quoted which says if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in […]

Bible Myth Buster 1: Christ is the end of the law?

Looking back, I guess there were always many things about my Christian upbringing that did not sit well with me. There were somethings that I knew, without a shadow of doubt, to be true.  For example, I was certain there was a God and a Messiah and that they were somehow in control of my […]

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