Genesis 1:1 Activity

Here’s what you learned in Genesis 1.

  • You learned the most common prefixes ב (ba), ה (ha), and ו (wa). These sounds in front of a word is an indication that a phrase beginning with a prefix is being spoken.
  • You learned the most common suffix; ים (eem). A word ending with the ‘eem’ sound is more than likely suffixed to make a word plural or greater or to modify whatever base word comes before it, in which case it should be understood to mean ‘ones’.
  • We learned six new Hebrew words; ראש, ברא, רא, אלה, את, and ארצ.
  • We learned about the basic Hebrew sentence structure in active voice.

Hebrew scriptures answer most, if not all, logical questions…

Gen 1:1 When (in the beginning) | What Was Done (fattened)| Who Did It (Elahim)| What Was It Done To/For (the mark of the heavens and the mark of the Earth)

Can you say this verse?

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ <-

Try It!  -> BeResheet Bereh Elaheem Et HaShamayeem WaEt HaErets         

This is the Ancient (not modern) pronunciation.

Note: As we continue throughout this workbook, only new information will be explained. The notes will be in the margins of each page for the next section as it was for this one, but afterward, that will change.

Activities will require that you remember or go back and review information so that you can begin to translate the scriptures on your own. Don’t feel pressured to remember. Go back to look for the information as many times as you need. If you are reading a digital copy or online version you can use the Find feature (Ctrl F) or the websites search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Remember, KNOWING takes time and practice!

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