Analogous: The Voice of God

Oftentimes I find myself thinking about the most random things. Tonight, after a long stressful day of packing to move and struggling to remember and think clearly, I passed out by about 7:30 PM. I woke up with a headache around 10:00 PM and as I tried going back to sleep, I was completely awoken by the sound of my own heart beating which lead to my headache going away (but that’s another story).

So I thought, “I must remember that just because I can’t usually hear the sound of my own energy, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.”

See אה is energy manifested, which we translate as “sound”. The sounds, even those silent to us, is the manifestation of energy. Meaning, the subtle sound of our heart beating is the manifestation of our energy – proof that we are still living… We still have el or elahim – energy or power. (think of energy as our battery, when it’s dead, so are we)

Anyway, it got me thinking about how easy it is to not hear the Voice of Yahuwah. And how sometimes even the wisest and most intelligent of us can be incapable of understanding the simplest of truths. I also realized how many times in my Hebrew studies I may have ‘missed the heartbeat’.

Could it be that if we press our ear and position ourselves just right, we’ll hear the Voice of Yahuwah like I did to hear the sound of my own heart beating?

Is it as simple as purposefully listening and deliberately positioning ourselves to hear God(El which is energy) manifests His energy, causing the sound which already exist to be perceived or heard?

Could this be an analogy to explain the simplicity of God to the most common, or complex, person and the nonbeliever? If I say, “Can you hear your heartbeat?(no) Does that make you dead? (no) God exists in this same way. Now press your ear this way and position yourself that way, do you hear your energy?(yes) Does that mean you live?(yes) Again, God exists in this same way. ”

Would they get it? Do you get it?

Not hearing God doesn’t mean he’s not there in the same way not hearing your heart beat doesn’t make you dead. But hearing it reassures you that you are indeed alive, just as hearing God reassures us the He is.

Is it possible that people would understand that God lives in this same way and that he can be heard in this same manner?

Do you understand that a God who is not heard is not perceived as living and one who is heard is certain to be alive? That is, within one’s own mind, the absence of a heartbeat is practically proof of death or nonexsistance but it’s presence is most certainly proof of life. We must press our ears and position ourselves to hear Yahuwah so that he lives within our own perception.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, will believe in a God whose sound they have not heard. Nor will those who do not press their ears and position themselves hear that sound.

So, we can’t save people whose ears are not pressed and whose position is not set. Each of us must open our ears and get in position to hear that we may, individually, KNOW that YAHUWAH LIVES IN US!

It is literally our perception of Him (hearing his energy/sound/voice) that makes Yahuwah present in our reality and consequently, in others’ reality.

Just a moment in my mind. You either get me… Or you think I’m plum crazy 🤪 and if you think I’m crazy, you should study the scriptures with your HVGs (Hebrew Vision Goggles) on.


Love You Yisharael!

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